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Charlene Choi is very touched by the encouraging text messages from elders
Simon Yam and Charlene Choi
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Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin's performance in the Emperor new film SARA (CHOR GEI) after 6 days in release made over HK$ 8 million and even earned Ah Sa a Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress nomination. Elders like Carina Lau Ka Ling, Anthony Wong Chau Sun and Eric Tsang Chi Wai all picked Ah Sa to win. Last night she appeared at a Tsim Sha Tsui cinema for an audience appreciation event. Did she feel any pressure? Ah Sa admitted, "Lately I have received text messages from many elders, with encouragements and acting advice for me. I really wanted to print them all. If in the future my career wouldn't go well, I could take them out to encourage myself."

Ah Sa felt that whether she would win or not it was no longer important. She saw this time as another milestone in her career. "Now I think that I have already 'won', instead I am much more relaxed. I used to think it would be unbelievable. I am very pleased, but if I win of course I would be happy." Many fashion labels saw Ah Sa's rising popularity and contacted her management company and designer in hopes of sponsoring her Hong Kong Film Award red carpet walk next month. Because she had many choices and she did not want to disappoint anyone, Ah Sa said that so far she still has not made up her mind about what to wear that night.

The film company planned to celebrate the strong box office next week and gather the cast and the crew to celebrate Ah Sa's Best Actress award in advance. When asked about rumors that she was forcing the issue of marriage with boyfriend William Chan Wai Ting, Ah Sa said, "I have already clarified it over 10 times, my mouth is starting to stink. For now I have no plan in this area."

Ah Sa's co-star Ryan Lui (Lau Chun Kong) last night had nothing but praise for her acting, thinking that she deserved to win the award. "During the shoot I felt that she was great, an award wouldn't be surprising." He also said that he needed his wife's permission before the bed scene with Ah Sa, proving that Ah Sa's charm was extraordinary.

Due to flight issues, Simon Yam Tat Wa rushed to the event to meet up with Ah Sa and Lau Chun Kong. Brother Wa said, "Before my wife (Qi Qi) saw the movie, I was afraid that my scenes with Ah Sa were too extreme. When I got home I might have to kneel on the wash board. I didn't expect that my wife was moved after watching, praised my performance and was even all red and swollen from crying. In other words I didn't have to kneel."

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