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Chang Chen says that HELIOS has quite a connection with him.  After he finished the film he got married, and he became a father before the film release.
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Chang Cheng performs his own stunts
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Taiwan actor Chang Chen in the Longman Leung Lok Man and Sunny Luk Kim Ching directed film HELIOS (CHET DOH) played a villain for the first time, which Chang Chen said was a lot of fun. "My character has to face different people, foreigners, Chinese and Korean, aside from Janice Man it was my first collaboration with the other actors. In addition it had many action, car chases and gun fight scenes, which would be rather fresh." Chang Chen said that he performed his own stunts, like driving fast down Canton Road late at night. After a turn he was tossed from the vehicle and slid to the island. Even the directors thought the stunt was dangerous. He had a double but he still did the stunt himself. He was not worried about the danger because he believed that action director Chin Kar Lok and the professional crew. Instead he felt firing a gun was the most dangerous. Although the bullets were blanks, shells flew all over. One misstep might lead to getting shot.

Stunts, car chases and gun fights were not difficult for Chang Chen. He said that the most difficult was speaking Korean. The company arranged for a tutor to teach him line by line. He said that because he spoke it too poorly, he needed dubbing afterward. Did he use Korean to communicate with Korean stars Choi Si-Won and Ji Jin-Hee? He said, "No, Choi Si-Won's Mandarin is great, Ji Jin-Hee's English is great."

The film will be released in May. Chang Chen's wife originally would give birth in June, but their baby girl arrived early. Chang Chen could not be more excited. Chang Chen said that he and the film had quite a connection. After he finished the film he got married. Before its release he became a father. After taking care of his wife and baby he will be able to coordinate with the film promotion.

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