Sunday, March 15, 2015


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Chin Siu Ho
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Kara Wai's old look 
Chin Siu Ho has no pressure from working with Sister Siu Hung
Carlos Chan has a make up birth mark on his neck
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Kara Wai Ying Hung, Carlos Chan Ka Lok, Chin Siu Ho and boss Albert Yeung Sau Sing yesterday attended the film HUNG WON SI NGOR (LUCKY ME)'s production start ceremony. Sister Siu Hung in the film played a senior with Alzheimer's, her costume not only had white hair but also a fake belly. She even had to perform without make up. She said that earlier after the costume fitting, boss Yeung Sau Sing could not recognize her. Sister Siu Hung did not mind, feeling that acting did not have to be pretty. Being too pretty instead would have pressure. This time without make up, she could let go even more during her performance.

Chan Ka Lok played a "MK Jai", with blond hair, smoking and foul language use. He said that earlier when he went out the police checked him for identification, which truly was very realistic. However he said that smoking was tougher. Speaking of working with Best Actress Sister Siu Hung, Ka Lok said that he had some pressure as he did not want to affect Sister Siu Hun's performance. Teresa Mak Ka Kei guest starred this time after being away from film for a long time. He said that now she is the mother of three sons. Speaking of Elaine Ng Yi Lei's child abuse suspicion, she said that taking care of children was not easy and even harder in a single parent family. Her temper used to be terrible, but after becoming a mother she was more reserved. Once she almost wanted to get rough with her children from lecturing them. Chin Siu Ho said that every family had its own problems, single mother had a lot of difficulty with raising her daughter and should be understood; he and his son were like friends. Has he hit his son? He said that when they saw each other they would play video games. Ultimately he hoped that everyone's family would be in harmony.

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