Monday, March 2, 2015


DaDa Chan and Wong Cho Lam have a bathroom "gathering"
DaDa Chan grabs Wong Cho Lam's chest and makes his scream
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The DaDa Chan Jing and Wong Cho Lam starred film LUCKY STAR 2015 (GUT SING GO JIU 2015) after its Lunar New Year release in Singapore will be released in Hong Kong for the Lantern Festival. Playing a star in the film, DaDa after deciding to make a category III film dressed provocatively and asked her boyfriend Cho Lam to meet at a narrow bathroom stall for a "final battle". DaDa took the initiative to tempt Cho Lam and mourned. She even grabbed his chest, which made the embarrassed Cho Lam scream in pain. Later a group of reporters appeared outside the stall. Playing DaDa's mother, Yuen King Tan explained that they were only gathering inside the bathroom.

During the shoot, Cho Lam was busy with his wedding preparation. He said that he kept his eyes to keep himself when he was around DaDa to avoid having his ear pulled. DaDa said that rehearsal was somewhat awkward with the engaged Cho Lam. She had to deliberately keep her distance, but actually as soon as the cameras rolled they were in character and were very professional!

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