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FROM VEGAS TO MACAU 2 is the Chinese Lunar New Year film champion for now
TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES runs out of gas as FROM and DUCKS overtake it
STAND BY ME: DORAEMON 3D has led from the beginning of the Lunar New Year
Hins Cheung, Anthony Lun, Joey Yung and Elisa Chan
Lo Hoi Pang tosses out more golden quotes at the audience appreciation event with Sandra Ng
Someone posted an online comparison of a young Lo Hoi Pang and Eddie Peng
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Sandra Ng needs some time before accepting another challenge
BabyJohn Choi, Sandra Ng and Wilfred Lau go to a snack shop to fill their belly.
Wilfred Lau, Philip Keung and BabyJohn Choi praise cardboard Sandra Ng
Babyjohn Choi, Wilfred Lau, Sandra Ng, Lo Hoi Pang and Philip Keung
Young Lo Hoi Pang 
Eddie Peng
Hins Cheung while shopping in Japan sees comrades fighting over toilet seats
Joey Yung jokes that her concert with Hacken Lee will be called "Kun Lik Jo" (Hard Working Team)
Ken Hung and Mag Lam will perform with elder Joey Yung
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The film 12 GOLDEN DUCKS (12 GUM NGAP) passed HK$ 21 million at the box office, beating TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES (CHUNG SEUNG WON SIU) and closing in on FROM VEGAS TO MACAU 2 (DOH SING FUNG WON II). Two nights ago Sandra Ng Kwan Yu led Lo Hoi Pang, Wilfred Lau Ho Lung, BabyJohn Choi Hong Yik and Philip Keung Ho Man (Hak Jai) to an audience appreciation event. Kwan Yu said, "Last year only had 4 (Lunar New Year films), this year was a battle royal, with big films and animation. Every year we talk and compete like this. However the most important was getting people into the cinemas. This time though I really can answer to the shareholders because we won't lose money."

As soon as the audience saw Brother Pang they screamed, "Lo Hoi Pang Tests The Mic". Brother Pang followed, "This year watch Ducks don't watch Chicken." A viewer saw Hak Jai and yelled, "Don't watch ATV!" Hak Jai and Lau Ho Lung immediately sang, "Everyone watch TVB." Kwan Yu suggested for Hak Jai to buy back his ATV programs, then they could start their own channel.

Brother Pang's character "Pang Yu-Yen" was hilarious. Kwan Yu revealed that this character was based on a true story from a Taiwan duck shop. She said, "Earlier we went to Taiwan for research. One duck took out a star photo and said that he looked like that when he was young. We thought it was funny so we used it in the film." As for Eddie Peng Yu-Yen guest starring in the extended version, Kwan Yu was very happy. Unfortunately he and Brother Pang were unable to perform together because Brother Pang went to perform abroad. Did Brother Pang feel he was more handsome than Peng Yu-Yen when he was young? He seriously said, "Definitely, you wouldn't believe it. (Were you in just as a great a shape?) I was very fit when I was young. I was a swimmer. Back then I even swam from Shenzhen to Hong Kong. Now I rely on those old tricks."

"Three colored ducks" Lau Ho Lung, Choi Hong Yik and Keung Ho Man all agreed that they had confidence in the film because of its strong momentum. Speaking of all their audience appreciation events, Lau Ho Lung said, "I do my best. Even without notice, after dinner when I have time I would go." As for his girlfriend Joey Yung Cho Yi's guest starring role, he said, "Many people praised her performance as good and funny." He also said that his girlfriend rarely made movies. She was very happy to have this role. How would he thank the audience for the good box office? Lau Ho Lung said that he would eat more and get a little fatter.

After losing 30 pounds Hak Jai said that he had to maintain his shape. Thus during the Lunar New Year he only had three pieces of turnip cake. He even paid attention to his weight on the scale everyday. Even his wife said that he was sick. Would he ask Kwan Yu to take everyone on vacation? Lau Ho Lung said, "We are all about the heart first, we will talk about money later." Kwan Yu and the Golden Ducks Army after the Mongkok audience appreciation event went to the streets of Mongkok for fish balls. She revealed that the celebration will be held on the 7th and joked, "I will have a dozen table or so, more than my own wedding."

Reportedly Kwan Yu's "handsome man" portrayal caught a Mainland film company's eyes and offered to double her salary to lure her into making a new film in another male role. She admitted, "Someone has approached me, but this time I was already very tired from the fake body alone. I probably won't consider it, but if the lead actress is a great beauty then that's another matter. After playing a man, I now feel that my acting will have even greater challenges ahead. Now I will take a few months to let it sink in and to study acting."

Meanwhile Yung Cho Yi attended the Concert in the Dark press conference, the concert series will take place between April 16 and 19 at the Star Hall with 8 shows. Her Lunar New Year film 12 GOLDEN DUCKS broke through HK$ 20 million at the box office. Joey said, "Finally I broke my curse. Last night I went to watch it, of course I watched it with people who were in the cast. (Boyfriend Lau Ho Lung?) Right, it was tough on him because he has seen it many times. I originally planned to watch their audience appreciation show, but later because I already removed my make up I skipped it."

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