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Director Lau Chun Fai earlier called for a press conference to announce Leung Chai Yan will work with Don Li Yat Long in the new film TELL ME WHY (NAM GIK TAM SEH DUNG) and its March 8th production start date. Yet the lead actress did not appear at the press conference. Rumors immediately arose, saying that because Director Lau has made many category III films and film star Chan Wai Man will play Chai Yan's father, her family was less than supportive and intended on buying out Chai Yan's contract. Aside from Chai Yan and Don, other actors Lau Nam Kwong, Eddie Peng Wai On and Chan Wai Man still have not signed any contract. They only gave "a tap on the shoulder" agreement to perform.

Because the film had no production start date in sight, Director Lau yesterday afternoon suddenly held another press conference. The banner still clearly had the name Leung Chai Yan, but he denied that he was using Chai Yan to promote. Director Lau started with a statement, saying that he has lost contact with her and her attitude has always been unclear. "As an investor and a director I have held back for a long time. Now the budget is out of control. With the entire cast and the production equipment, the loss has reached seven figures."

Director Lau continued and said that Chai Yan was absent from team meetings but appeared at Don's concert earlier. At the time she still said that she would make time to rehearse and performed as scheduled. Later she could not be contacted. "Someone said that her family minded that I have made category III films and that they would pay to buy back the contract. However now I still haven't received a cent! She is an adult, an individual, she can negotiate with the film company." However, when asked if the goal of the press conference was to get Chai Yan to respond, Director Lau said, "I don't know, it would depend on what she will do. Maybe tomorrow morning she will pay, then I will let it go. (Do you just want compensation?) Come on, when you borrow money to people it has to be returned." He was also upset that reporters followed up with questions and once walked out. Soon he returned with a smile and continued to talk. "Learn and live, when you ask what do I want to do, I too can be unclear."

Director Lau stressed many times that he was a man of his word, but someone was not. When reporters reminded Director Lau that Chai Yan has already clarified that she has not accepted any interview about not taking the role, he remained firm. "As long as someone writes it I believe it." He also said that TELL will definitely go into production. "At worst it's a cast change. Maybe without her I can even work even with more thoroughly, my hands won't be tied. (Then why not change the cast.) I can't, the script was written for her. Would you stop saying this is a category III film. I want to make category II film, but Leung Chai Yan said that she wanted to perform with foul language. I told her not to. The film also had no bed scene, at most she would just get under the blanket and I would shoot the flowers like in the old time Cantonese films." Claiming to be Buddhist he said that if he would not be able to work with Chai Yan he would not be disappointed. He could only lament that they were not destined to.

After the press conference ended, Chai Yan through her friend Cheng Siu Hong issued a statement to the media. "The matter is already in the hands of lawyers to be handled......everything will be done according to Hong Kong laws." She also issued a legal letter to Director Lau. Director Lau said afterward, "After the press conference she had someone personally deliver it, I can't discuss its content. I too will let the lawyers handle it."

Don's manager said that Don has already signed a contract and now is waiting for the film company to start production. The film company said that the film will definitely go into production. Don said, "I have already signed a contract with the film company, but the money hasn't reached my bank account yet. Right now I am waiting for the film company for the work schedule. I heard the director say that the film will definitely go into production. (Leung Chai Yan will likely not be the lead actress. Would you be disappointed?) No, because when the director asked me to play the male lead, I didn't know who the lead actress would be. (After the hot pot casserole, have you seen Chai Yan again?) No, I was pretty busy with work."

Eddie was surprised that the director and Leung Chai Yan ended up in a dispute. The new film seemed to be in danger. He said, "Of course I would be happy if the film goes into production. If it doesn't it wouldn't be a problem. I haven't signed a contract and I haven't received any payment. Earlier a friend approached me, the company also said no problem so I attended the press conference. In life you can't be afraid to lose. I hope the film will be able to go into production."

Lau Nam Kwong said that he was not sure if the film will be made. He has no contact with the film company. As far as he knew the other actors haven't signed a contract either. Did he know if Leung Chai Yan had a contract? He said, "The film said she signed one, I don't know if she actually did." Playing Leung Chai Yan's father, Chan Wai Man was only willing to say that he and the film company have not signed a contract. He declined to answer other questions.

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