Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Pakho Chau's most memorable scene is being shot and lying on top of trash
courtesy of mingpao.com

Pakho Chau, Mag Lam Yun Tung and Commercial Radio DJ Pitar Leung Man Lai yesterday went with World Vision one a four day visit of children in poor areas in the Philippines to get an understand of their problems of poverty of starvation and to bring them joy. They also hoped to bring their innocent and positive mentality back to Hong Kong. They earlier connected pencils and rulers from the public to give to the children and urged everyone to support the April 11 to 12 Hunger 30 event.

Meanwhile, the Pakho and Liddy Li starred film GUILTY (SEI FEI) will be released soon. In the film Pakho dropped his singer image to play an cold blooded killer with an abnormal grown on his face. They even went to Thailand for the shoot. Pakho admitted that the most difficult part of the film was spending 4 hours for that disfigured look everyday. He also had to tolerate the skin reaction and itching. Because the film involved explicit dialogues and scenes it received a category III rating. Pakho after being elevating to a category III film star status joked that he deserved it. "The most memorable scene was when I lay on top of a pile of garbage naked and bloody after I was shot. The location was smelly and dirty. He had to strip and lie down, it was even more difficult than a love scene!" Luckily he only needed one take to finish this all nude scene.

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