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Wen Chao wants to grow his hair long
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The Eric Tsang Chi Wai, DaDa Chan Jing, Ella Chen Chia-Hwa, Wong Cho Lam, Wen Chao and others starred Lunar New Year film LUCKY STAR 2015 (GUT SING GO JIU 2015) held a premiere two nights ago. DaDa and Wen Chao held down the fort. Other guest stars Ai Wai, Owen Cheung Chun Long, Lo Fun, Yu Mo Lin and others attended as well.

Bella Law Chi Kiu complained about DaDa's manager Celia Sze Lim Chi, saying that she threatened her to attend a dinner. DaDa was prepared for the question and the company even assigned two female co-workers to stay by her side and listen to the conversation. DaDa said, "The company has already issued a statement. Untrue reports are in the hands of lawyers to handle, I am not at liberty to comment. I am here to promote the film, I don't want to promote for other people." Was she worried that she would be imagined as a "dinner date star"? She said that she was not worried, and felt that everyone would see her effort. As for her relationship with Bella, she coldly said, "We used to belong to the same company. I treat every girl the same way, like a co-worker. I hope the matter will be properly resolved, I am waiting for the company to handle it." Reporters described her as "experienced" because she too was rumored to have "disappeared" because she did not want to attend Sze Lim Chi's dinner. She denied that. "Of course not, haha, at the time I was sick. It was different from this time, I hope everyone would be able to keep them separate. (At the time you were forced to attend dinners and got an emotional disorder?) Of course not, I had a lot of pressure from making movies. Ultimately I am a girl, psychological factors would affect me. Actually over the years, my manager has given me a lot of encouragement. She is a trustworthy person. I absolutely trust her. The company is also trustworthy."

DaDa said that she has only heard about being invited to attend dinners with the rich. She said, "I don't pay attention to what is going on online. (Did you get any offer?) I haven't got that far into it, but I got indecent photos. My emotional disorder has already been improved. Now I am taking scheduled time off and exercising, when I see the news I only laugh it off. (Have you received any invitational text message from the rich?) No, I changed my number after I got into the business. I don't want others to find me. After the incident I changed it again. I had less disturbance. (Have you contacted Sze Lim Chi?) I have, we feel that rumors stop with the wise." Cheung Chun Long in the film continued to impersonate Julian Cheung Chi Lam, but humbly said that he lost to "counterfeit Andy Lau", "counterfeit Jay Chou" and "counterfeit Chow Yun Fat" in the film. He said, "I only sound like him, but the other actors are very convincing. In the film Yu Mo Lin and I had a sexy dance scene, for my first film it was very extreme."

DaDa in the film played a star who was in an underground relationship with her manager Wong Cho Lam. DaDa praised Cho Lam's comedy as requiring some thought. She also revealed that Cho Lam's other half Leanne Li Yanan often visited the set and they could not be sweeter. Was she envious? She said, "In the film love comes first for me. I ignore Mommy's objection and have a secret romance, which is the most different from me. I have been through the stage when I really wanted to date, if I have them of course it would be great, but if I don't I won't force it!"

Known for imitating Stephen Chow Sing Chi, Wen Chao brought back Sing Yeh's classic looks from SHAOLIN SOCCER and KING OF COMEDY and cracked up the audience. He said that he got a lot of pressure from his first major film role. "Whether successful or not, this film is very important to me! (Was it easier to play Sing Yeh again?) No! I don't want to imitate 100%, I hope to capture the spirit while having my own specialty."

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