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Lee Sinjie and Isabella Leong in the Sylvia Chang directed MURMUR OF THE HEART play mother and daughter 
Sylvia Chang's PRICE OF LOVE music video moves Isabella Leong to tears
Isabella Leong feels that everyone is slowly learning about growing up, everyday is a lesson.
Isabella Leong takes a selfie with her team
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The 26 year old mother of three, Isabella Leong Lok Si has been away from show business for years. Two years ago she decided to return to show business and worked on the Sylvia Chang (Cheung Ngai Ga) directed film MURMUR OF THE HEART (LIM LIM). The film will open soon. Yesterday afternoon she appeared at the Beijing press conference with Cheung Ngai Ga and Angelica Lee Sinjie. She watched the PRICE OF LOVE music video and both she and Lee Sinjie were moved to tears. She lamented that over the years she has experienced a lot. In the film a different her could be seen. Will she be just as rebellious as before? She felt that being rebellious was no problem for young people because they would definitely grow up.

Yesterday at the press conference she became the focus. MURMUR was a movie that mixed love with family. Cheung Ngai Ga's PRICE OF LOVE music video was shown. She used an almost monologue like singing to explain the film's emotional theme, which moved Leong Lok Si and Lee Sinjie to tears. Leong Lok Si said, "My character has many emotional knots." Lee Sinjie in the film played Leong Lok Si's mother. They did not have any scene together and were connected with memories. Cheung Ngai Ga said that everyone have many emotional knots when he grew up. Sometimes these ideas would affect the change in the next generation.

Leong Lok Si said about her comeback to film. "I have experienced a lot over the years. In the film a different me can be seen. (As a mother of three children, would you not be as rebellious as before? I feel in life, young people would definitely go through a rebellious period. That is fine. With these experience they would slowly grow up." She revealed that now everyday she would be with her three children. Would she regret anything that happened before? She said that she would not use the word regret. Cheung Ngai Ga felt that anything that happened in life was the price of love.

Lee Sinjie said that she and Leong Lok Si have known each other for years, but after the MURMUR costume fitting she discovered how much they resembled each other in presence and impression. She even accepted diving training. She said that she had a lot of fear because she had to dive into very deep places. Yet even though it was very hard, in the end she was able to complete this impossible mission.

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