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Andy Lau receives pottery with the words "handsome from the soul" as a gift
Andy Lau looks convincing as a farmer on a search for his son
Thousands appear wherever Andy Lau is shooting on location
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The Andy Lau Tak Wa and Jing Boran starred film LOST AND LOVE (SUT GOO) yesterday held a press conference in Beijing. Director Peng Sanyuan and Lau Tak Wa attended. Playing a laborer in the film, Wa Jai suffered. In one scene, the director slapped Wa Jai on the set. His face was almost swollen, but after applying ice the hitting continued. Director Peng Sanyuan said was very pleased with Wa Jai's performance.

The film shot on location in Chongqing, Quanzhou, Fuzhou, Lianzhou, Nanchang, Wuhan and other places. Whenever Wa Jai appeared, thousands of fans surrounded him. Peng Sanyuan said, "During the meetings Brother Wa and the team already reminded me to be prepared, but I thought it was just a movie. All I had to do was hire more guards and the crowd would be under control. I never imagined that the condition could be this severe." Wa Jai often appeared and communicated with fans when the condition permitted. As soon as fans saw their idol they caused an uproar. The idol had to tell them to settle down in order for them to.

In a ferry scene, Wa Jai's farmer look was so convincing. At first people around him began to suspect if he was Heavenly King Lau, so they kept taking out their phones to take pictures. Finally Wa Jai greeted everyone and explained to the crowd that they were shooting. He hoped that everyone would put away their phones and act like they were on the ferry normally, then they would help with the production progress. Finally everyone behaved and the shoot went very smoothly.

Wa Jai said, "They only rarely saw a film production. With their enthusiasm and their love, they didn't want to destroy everyone's progress. This type of (phone) shoot would be an enormous obstacle to the production, but if they didn't love you they wouldn't come. So everyone had to tolerate each other a little; I understood the difficulty the crew had. Sometimes they might be excessive with their action, which was understandable. Yet those who came to support you and watch you were wrong either. Thus aside from acting, I also needed to be that bridge in the middle."

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