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In the Peter Chan Ho Sun directed, Vicki Zhao Wei starred film DEAREST, Zhao Wei played a farmer who in order to live not only slept with others but also knelt to reporters. Since the film was based on a true story, the character upset Gao Yongxia who has threatened to sue. Chan Ho Sun yesterday responded at a Taipei press conference.

The Chan Ho Sun directed DEAREST will soon open in Taiwan. Yesterday he and lead actress Zhao Wei attended the press conference in Taipei. Zhao Wei admitted that she quietly resigned because she was worried that she would disappoint. However after performing she felt that she had breakthrough in both image and acting. Chan Ho Sun praised her professionalism for performing without make up. She said, "No make up actually is particularly comfortable. Everyday I can act after washing my face. My skin also has become very white and bright. The director even suspected that I might have secretly put on make up." She even practiced her hometown Anhui dialect, but Mama said that she made it sound too outdated because that was the dialect that was spoken several decades ago.

The film was based on a true story. Lately the Zhao Wei played character Gao Yongxia felt that Zhao Wei sleeping with others and kneeling in front of reporters were untrue and drastically impacted her image. Chan Ho Sun said that earlier during the Mainland promotion he has already clarified that some of the story was fictional, but from the film's standpoint he felt they were necessary. He represented the team and himself and apologized to her if they made her feel uncomfortable. If she was determined to sue, he could only hand it to the lawyers. Zhao Wei also felt that film was a creation. If everything was real, no one needed to go to the movies.

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