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Miriam Yeung and the five children
Philip Keung cries for real when his character fulfills his dream of competing in a race
The back alley Miss Hong Kong crowning is the most memorable to Ng Yuen Yi 
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Miriam Yeung Chin Wa, Louis Koo Tin Lok and five children who have never made a movie before starred in the film LITTLE BIG MASTER (NG GOR SIU HAI DIK HAU JEUNG), which will open on the 19th. At different screenings recently, the film received many praises from the audience. Playing parents, Richard Ng Yiu Han, Ng Yuen Yi, Philip Keung Ho Man and Rain Lau Yuk Chui's touching performances left deep impressions.

In the film aside from the stories of the five children, the director also designed the dreams of the five children's parents like becoming Miss Hong Kong, a pilot, a track athlete, a firefighter. Chasing the pilot dream with his daughter, Ng Yiu Han put on a pilot uniform and turned into Sam Gor. He said, "I haven't been so handsome in a very long time, I also haven't made a film with such heart in a very long time. Although I was covered in sweat in a pilot uniform in the heat, but the feeling of making a dream come true was a lot of fun!" Ng Yuen Yi has not worn a Chinese dress in a long time. In the film she had to play Miss Hong Kong. She said, "Wow! Winning Miss Hong Kong, of course I haven't thought about it. It even had to happen in an alley behind a restaurant, this scene truly was memorable."

Playing a cripple, Keung Ho Man truly cried at the moment when he truly became a track athlete. He sentimentally said, "Playing my six year daughter, co-star Ga Ga is truly too strong. She was wholeheartedly supporting me to win the race, her intense performance for me on the sideline, and my on screen wife Yuk Chui has always been great at acting, the strong yet power "dramatic" effect from an adult and a child moved to tears as ran on the muddy field." As for the two South Asian children Jennie and Kitty's mother, her dream was to become a fire fighter. When she shot the scene in which she walked out of the fire, she stunned her two daughters.

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