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Liddy Li and her character share some similarities; both experienced some drastic changes in their families
Liddy Li has many daring scenes
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Getting attention after the third party rumor and her father's suicide, Liddy Li Yui Tung starred in her first role with Pakho Chau in the Jil Wong Pak Kay directed GUILTY (SEI FEI). Finally the film will be released. Liddy after all the troubles retreated for half a year. She said that after this depression in life, she finally saw her direction clearly. She has always liked acting very much. After years in the business she finally landed this character, she put a lot of effort into the performance; however, she could not imagine that so soon after the production wrapped her life would have such upheaval. She was left powerless and thought about quitting show business.

Liddy in the film played an assisted dating girl with a sad background, she even had love scenes with the Pakho Chau played adoptive father and cold blooded killer. The dialogue and the action were very daring, thus the film received a category III film rating. Liddy did not ask to clear the set during a bathing scene. Even when the running water made her wardrobe malfunction tape slip off she continued the shoot. The crew praised her for her professionalism.

The assisted dating girl in the film somewhat resembled Liddy in real life, as both experienced a drastic change in their families. She admitted that luckily she was optimistic. No matter what trouble she ran into she would try to overcome it.

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