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Working together again, Ivana Wong and Ram Chiang already have chemistry
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Ivana Wong Yuen Chi and Ram Chiang Chi Kwong yesterday worked on the poster for their film MOOT NUI SUN TAM (NOTHING GIRL GODLY DETECTIVE). Chiang Chi Kwong in the film played a detective while Ivana played a pseudo model. In the film she actually was a police officer, but she had to go undercover as a pseudo model to investigate. For the character she had to get a manicure and wear "big eye" contact lenses.

The average pseudo model was very sexy, would she had to push up for her performance this time? Ivana said that she has already tried that in other films. "Fortunately I have enough 'tonnage', not thin like the pseudo models." She joked that during the shoot she and Chiang Chi Kwong had 100 fish balls, at the time she truly wanted to vomit.

In her first lead role, Ivana stated that she was very nervous. Will she ask her boyfriend to book a show? She joked that she would not only ask her boyfriend but also all her friends to support her. As for her five Hong Kong Film Award nominations, Ivana admitted that she was only half confident. Every nominee was very strong. She would face it normally, if she wins she would treat it like an encouragement.

Chiang Chi Kwong was very happy to be able to work with Ivana from television to film. During the shoot they had a lot of spark and laughs.

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