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Don Li has to resign from his first lead role due to scheduling conflict
Leung Chai Yan likes to express her emotions online
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The Don Li Yat Long and Chief Executive's daughter Leung Chai Yan starred film NAM GIK TAM SEH DUNG (MALE EXTREME SPOTLIGHT) has run into trouble again. After Leung Chai Yan missed the first press conference and has not confirmed her participation, director Lau Chun Fai held another press conference to blast her. The film's indefinite delay only brought a pile of gossip. Yesterday lead actor Li Yat Long reportedly needed to resign from the film due to scheduling problem. Li Yat Long's manager Kitty said, "He has resigned because of scheduling conflict. Li Yat Long has other jobs later on. (Are you worried about having to compensation?) Probably not, it has been resolved. Because earlier we made room in the schedule for the production for the film company."

Would they regret not having the chance to work with Leung Chai Yan? She said, "When we signed the contract we didn't know we would work with her. It was a surprise, so we didn't feel like we lost anything." Li Yat Long missed out of his first lead role after 20 years in the business, would he feel that he was unlucky? She said, "We wouldn't think like that. He still has development opportunities in the business." Actually Li Yat Long after returning to Hong Kong became a hot property in the industry. After his April concert he will work on a television series.

Director Lau Chun Fai said that he has not received the news of Li Yat Long's resignation. "Let me get an understanding after I get back to Hong Kong in a few days. (Has the production been set aside?) It will continue, if he resigns then we recast. (Will you ask for compensation?) No, because we delayed the production." He also said that Leung Chai Yan's lack of confirmation caused the film company to suffer a huge loss. The lawyers would follow up on the matter.

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