Friday, March 13, 2015


Elaine Ng and her daughter have always been close
The lights are on at Elaine Ng's home
Reportedly Cheuk Lam remains hospitalized
After the arrest, Elaine Ng continues to work with her Cable program host Lee Yun Ting
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Artist Elaine Ng Yi Lei was arrested on suspicions of child abuse and drug possession. She has posted bail and is awaiting investigation. Ng Yi Lei's 15 year old daughter "Little Dragon Girl" Ng Cheuk Lam told her school that her mother hit her stomach (later changed her claim to shoulder). The school decided to contact the police for the safety of Cheuk Lam. Cheuk Lam was sent to the hospital for examination and had no wound on the surface. During the investigation at Ng's Tai Po home, the police found a trace amount of possible drugs that has already been sent for further testing. Suspected of child abuse and drug possession, Ng Yi Lei was arrested and has posted HK$ 2,000 in bail. In mid May she will need to report to the police again. For her safety, Cheuk Lam reportedly has already been hospitalized for observation.

Ng Yi Lei yesterday continued to work on the Cable television program PET ER. Ng Yi Lei was unaffected in the morning and behaved normally. The production was completed smoothly, but in the afternoon she was absent in the last minute and cable host Lee Yun Ting covered for her. Reportedly she had to return to Cable to report her arrest to the executives.

Ng Yi Lei yesterday supposedly mentioned the arrest and even said that her daughter was only concerned for her. Even when the police arrived, Cheuk Lam repeatedly told them, "Mommy didn't hit me!" The incident turned into suspected child abuse, Ng Yi Lei said, "At first (Cheuk Lam) was a little mad, now she isn't!" However the investigation took time and she only slept for three hours. She also said that yesterday morning a lot of reporters was outside her home, adding to her trouble.

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