Friday, March 13, 2015


Andrew Lau presents the Most Charming Actor award to Gordon Lam
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The Hong Kong Society of Cinematographers two nights ago held its annual banquet in Kowloon Bay and presented the most charming actor and actress awards, which went to Gordon Lam Ka Tung and Josie Ho Chiu Yi. Ng Kai Ming received the annual "Most Outstanding Cinematography Award".

Lam Ka Tung joked about winning the most charming actor award, "Maybe it's because I am 'tough'! Or maybe they feel that I contributed on and off screen. When this energy affects everyone, it is the most charming. (It isn't based on looks?) Definitely not, I wouldn't be my turn ever. I know myself well."

After GALLANTS (DA LUI TOI), Ka Tung has always worked with new comers. This year he was happy to see many small to medium sized film productions that also worked with new comers. Later he will make two films, one of which will b a comedy about Portland Street. Will it talk about sex? He said, "I wouldn't avoid it, it is a tinted love story but it definitely won't be category III." He even hoped that Ivana Wong Yuen Chi will be its lead actress, but he would not require nudity from her with the film's romantic elements. Did he pick her as a Hong Kong Film Award favorite? he said that she had a great chance to win Best New Performer because she had three nominations. For Best Supporting Actress she had competition so he would not dare to discuss it. Director Andrew Lau Wai Keung since 2000 has worked with Ka Tung, praised that he has toiled away for years and truly deserved the honor.

Chiu Yi was very happy to receive the award and thanked everyone who has worked with her for their guidance. She said, "Cinematographers know how hard actors work for sure, so I am very happy to receive this award that cinematographers voted for. (Are you never late and never put up a front?) Yes, I don't dare to be late. I am very serious too because I feel film production is a lot of fun. So I am very into it." Chiu Yi will be busy with her new film FULL STRIKE (CHUEN LIK KAU SAT)'s promotion, Sunday she will even attend a star match for the film. The cast will play world champion Wang Lin, but Wang Lin will take them on one against ten. Chiu Yi earlier injured her leg, which she said was already 100% healed.

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