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All new action comedy KEEP CALM AND BE A SUPERSTAR (NGOR DAI GUI SING) two nights ago held a Beijing press conference. With meteor hammers the stars Eason Chan Yik Shun and Li Ronghao lamented about not meeting earlier. Eason said, "We used to be just online friends. After meeting Li Ronghao for the first time, I gave him my room number for the first day to invite him to chat."

Who was "undercover" and who was the "superstar" in the film? Director Vincent Kok Tak Siu explained, the "superstar" was the kung fu superstar Yuen Piao (Chan Yik Shun). Director Kok revealed when he first asked Eason, he baited him with a comedy. Then when the production officially began, he told him that he had a series of action scenes. His co-star was the buff kung fu master Chris Collins. After the wrap, Eason admitted that he was a size smaller and his face was pointier. He even described it as "almost dead". "I absolutely had zero experience, no foundation. Chris excels in Wing Chun, his hands were hard as rocks. While fighting with him, every punch landed was suffering. However in the process of pain, I learned a lot. Thank you Chris."

Since the "superstar" was Chan Yik Shun, "undercover" naturally was Li Ronghao. He too had to fight in the film. Kok Tak Siu pointed out that he was very hard working. Often during breaks he would practice his stuns in a corner. One day Li Ronghao discovered that his rib was injured but he did not tell the team. He toughed out the pain from the morning for the fight scene until after work at night. Then he finally told the truth. The team immediately rushed him to the hospital for further examination.

Making his big screen debut, Li Yitong had some stunts. She remembered in one scene she had to wear a pair of very tall heels. To maintain balance for an action scene was already hard enough. In one scene she had to lift her leg and kick down, but she kicked Li Ronghao in the head. It felt like cracking open a coconut, luckily she did not kick too hard. Li Ronghao was not hurt.

Playing the action director, Wilfred Lau Ho Lung pointed out that in the film he "talked more than fought". In his only fight scene he had to fight Chan Yik Shun, but because of this scene he was very nervous. Usually the one hitting people was more nervous than the one getting hit. To maintain the authentic Hong Kong style comedy, Kok Tak Siu revealed that the film used Stephen Chow Sing Chi's official support players.

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