Saturday, October 21, 2017


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After GOLDEN CHICKENSSS and 12 GOLDEN DUCKS, Sandra Ng Kwan Yu will have yet another Christmas release! In her new film YIU YIU LING she not only starred but directed. She appeared in curly short hair and thick eyebrows to catch ghost. For her directing debut, Kwan Yu asked friends Alex Fong Chung Shun and Francis Ng Chun Yu to join in. In the film Chun Yu wore a fringed leather jacket to play an over the hill Wise Guy, white Fong Chung Shun played a "balding uncle"!

Because Kwan Yu kept the entire production under wrap, when the trailer was released it spread like mad online. She of course was happy about how popular the trailer has been. As for her friends sacrificing their looks, she said, "You can't say that, it was a lot of fun! They rarely look like that, which is very convincing and suitable for their actual age. The two of them are well maintained and their appearance doesn't match their age!"

Peter Chan Ho Sun produced the film. Earlier when they promoted in the Mainland, Kwan Yu said that they constantly "passionately" communicated. Chan Ho Sun said that Ng Kwan Yu as the director this time was like a child playing with fire. "You have to stop her, but every time you do she yells at you!"

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