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Chrissie Chau Sau Na, Stephy Tang Lai Yan and director Fire Lee (For For) yesterday went to Taiwan to promote their film HUSBAND KILLERS (NUI JI FOOK SAU) at the Kuohsiung Film Festival. Sister Na revealed that she has already prepared to coordinate with her cold and violent image in the film on the red carpet, but she would only be full of dark elements and would not be too sexy.

Speaking of her earlier swimsuit photo, she looked much thinner. Sister Na explained that she had to coordinate with her character and was working for several films at once, she was much thinner. Now her appetite has returned to normal.

Some online were concerned with her chest, has she recovered as well? Sister Na said, "Disappeared? Jinx! They have always been here. Actually my bust has always been around the same, it was an issue with the cut of the swimsuit and the camera angle. In addition gravity exists in this way and it is hard for me to defy. They are still here, thank you everyone for your concern!"

Sister Na revealed that when she worked with Stephy they got through hard times together. On the set they had a lot to talk about, especially when it came to food. Instead they did not talk about guys because they probably did not have guys to talk about. Sister Na said, "It was a competition to see who was drier. Our characters were rivals, fought over a man. If we talked about this topic we might break into a big argument!"

Stephy said that she was both excited and confused because lately she had to promote three films at once. Each character was very different. Thus during promotion her mind would be a little mixed up. However this was her first film event in Taiwan and she looked forward to the audience's response to her film there. Stephy said that she just promoted SOMEWHERE BEYOND THE MIST at the Busan Film Festival in Korea. The Korean response was very enthusiastic. She rarely promoted overseas sos this feeling was very special. This time in Taiwan would probably be very familiar, she would be able to communicate with the audience in Putonghua. A translator sometimes might not be able to very accurately express what she meant.

Stephy said that the next four days in Kuohsiung would be very tightly scheduled and she definitely would not have to see the sights. She only hoped to have a chance to get a massage. While working on HUSBAND they became good friends and talked about everything. They only did not talk in depth about guys, hopefully on this trip they would be able to share.

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