Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Michelle Wai, Alex Lam, Kevin Chu and Angela Yuen
courtesy of mingpao.com

Based on a real life story, SI JI SHAN SEUNG (ON THE LION ROCK) yesterday shot a bun mountain scene at a Tuen Mun secondary school. Stars Alex Lam Tak Shun, Kevin Chu Kam Yin, Angela Yuen Lai Lam, Michelle Wai Sze Nga attended. Originally a Hong Kong swim team representative, Chu Kam Yin played the protagonist in his youth. He said that he had the most scenes with Angela and the rock climbing wall. "Earlier I went to a six lesson special training. Actually one climb needed to go up and down and was super tiring! Even with my constant exercising it still was difficult. Outdoor training expended even more energy." However the instructor said that Chu Kam Yin's determination was shocking, at each lesson he went back and forth more times than the average climber. He had potential in this area. Kevin also said hat after the shoot he was still interested in continuing the challenge. The next time he wanted to go to Cheung Chau to watch the bun snatching at the real bun mountain.

Kevin and Angela appeared in full mountain climbing gears, but Wai Sze Nga stole the spotlight because she appeared as a pregnant lady. In the film she played Lam Tak Shun's wife. Sze Nga said, "I am very happy to have another chance to try new characters. Actually I wanted to learn to rock climb. After completing the harbor swim my sports genes have been stimulated. Maybe I would ask the instructor for a lesson or two to try." To be convincing, Michelle wore a fake belly and maternity clothes to the streets for experience. "With a hat and glasses, I went out, took a ride, shopped and tried everything. No one recognized me. Someone really offered me a seat. Actually being pregnant really was very hot and very stuffy. Finally I learn how tough being Mommy is."

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