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Andy Lau and Jing Boran tries every way to find their families, even online.
A female farmer repeatedly slaps Andy Lau
Andy Lau takes a slap
Guest star Tony Leung Ka Fai has a scene with Andy Lau
Sandra Ng only guest stars but gives an outstanding performance
courtesy of mingpao.com

Andy Lau Tak Wa in the film LOST AND LOVE (SUT GOO) played a farmer. Yesterday the film released its final trailer and displayed for the first time the hardship of looking for his son. He pleaded with pedestrians but was ignored, he even got slapped. The audience's hearts ached for this father who was determined to find his son. At the same time, on the road he ran into Jing Boran, who was looking for his father. They began a "like father like son" journey of finding their families. At the opening, Lau Tak Wa helplessly asked the Master, "Why is my son the one who is lost!"

Lau Tak Wa looked sloppy, jaundice and thin, completely different from his usual handsome appearance on the stage. This "laborer Heavenly King" caused a stir everywhere he went. Wa Jai ignored the onlookers and worked as usual. In the film he was beaten and fell into the water, and a female villagers grabbed him by the hair and slapped him a few times; in order to achieve the best result during the shoot, he let the actress hit hard without any hesitation. She truly had no stage fright in front of the Best Actor and truly slapped him a few times. Wa Jai's face was red. After that scene he did not complain about the pain. Heavenly King Lau indeed was professional.

The film also had Jing Boran who was looking for his father. He ran into Lau Tak Wa on the road and became friends as they looked for their families together. Their father and son like relationship was also expressed in the film. Lau Tak Wa said that when someone appeared in life he definitely had his value; his character Lei Zekuan would do what he felt was worth doing and help people who were worth helping.

Actually Jing Boran himself did not met his biological mother until age 7. He understood the pain and sensitivity that the kidnapped children felt from unable to see their parents. During the shoot, Lau Tak Wa took great care of Jing Boran as well. When he learned about Jing's injury he gave medication from Hong Kong for him. Their relationship on and off screen were like father and son as well. Jing Boran described Brother Wa as a very attentive person. The entire shoot to him was a lesson.

The film also had two guest stars, Sandra Ng Kwan Yu and Tony Leung Ka Fai; Ng Kwan Yu played a woman who kidnapped children, while Leung Ka Fai played a police officer. Although in the trailer they only appeared for a moment they left deep impressions with the audience.

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