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Simon Yam
The actresses get raunchy with "sausages"
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Sandra Ng unzips to have Ivana Wong put out a big sausage
The actresses attack Sandra Ng
Sandra Ng and Lo Hoi Pang cut a roast duck 
Michelle Wai
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The Sandra Ng Kwan Yu film 12 GOLDEN DUCKS (12 GUM NGAP) made HK$ 24 million. Two nights ago Kwan Yu led actors to a celebration in Sheung Wan. Anthony Wong Chau Sun, Simon Yam Tat Wa, Ivana Wong Yuen Chi, Wilfred Lau Ho Lung, BabyJohn Choi Hong Yik, Lo Hoi Pang and Louis Yuen Siu Cheung and others attended. When Kwan Yu appeared, she was dressed like Future Gor from the film. Yet soon Yam Tat Wa discovered that Kwan Yu had an extra sausage in her pants. Kwan Yu joked that it was for the beauties. Later when Kwan Yu invited the actors to appear, she joked that if the men needed "heroic presence" then she took out "red envelopes" (Hung Fung) from her pants. Everyone cracked up.

Would Kwan Yu like to break 30 million? She said, "I hope to have cinema support, as I want it to be like last year and run for over a month. I will leave it to chance!" Kwan Yu said that she has already done her best to promote, which was tougher than making the movie. "This year had especially many films, so the promotion took more effort. I had to think of gimmicks and new ideas. The sausage and the red envelopes were related to the film, but a red sausage was really hard to find. When I went to the barbecue shops the red sausages were mostly chopped up." A magazine said that at Kwan Yu's earlier 12 GOLDEN DUCKS celebration, when Wyman Wong saw the tardy Eason Chan Yik Shun he said "the person I don't want to see" and Kwan Yu had to play mediator. Kwan Yu joked, "If Eason was late, Wyman wouldn't be the one who would be upset. I would! That night many people were slapping tables because of the lucky drawing. I don't know what their rumored dispute was about, I didn't look into it. The report said that it was related to royalty from an earlier song, that was very complicated business. That night had a lucky drawing and was very noisy. I didn't see it, I only saw Wyman and Eason chatting in a room. Maybe they haven't seen each other in a long time and they were catching up." Did they look upset afterward? Kwan Yu said, "That night they were all smiles, they had a lot of fun." She said that she did not play mediator. Kwan Yu also thanked Eason for supporting her from GOLDEN CHICKEN to now.

Ivana was very happy about the great box office performance. Mommy from the beginning has been very anxious about the box office and her performance, Mommy probably watched it more than once. Did her boyfriend see the film? She said, "He hasn't had the time, he is very busy. I hope he will watch it soon." Speaking of the magazine claim that Wyman and Eason were at odds, Ivana said, "I was there that night, I saw them with Kwan Yu and other actors in the room. Everyone had a great time."

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