Monday, March 9, 2015


Anita Chui's appearance is intoxicating
Joyce Cheng is even funny with a gun
Mandy Ho demonstrates her leg strength
Director Wilson Chin (second right) and producer Charlie Wong (center) supervise and discuss the poster result with Anita Chui (right)
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Anita Chui Bik Ka earlier with Joyce Cheng Yun Yi and Mandy Ho Pui Man worked on the film SPECIAL FEMALE FORCE (LAT GAING BA WONG FAT) poster. Anita revealed that in the film she often displayed her "chest crush" to squeeze the air out of her opponents. "When I need to seduce the target, I would lean in and flirt with him. This character has a big chest, the one size police uniform would appear to be very tight. When I got the script I already thought it was a lot of fun." As for memorable parts from the shoot, Anita who had a fear of heights had to go on the fast rope with Yun Yi. "We didn't dare to go, we were so scared that all our limbs were shaking! Director (Wilson Chin Kwok Wai) loudly told us not to jump if we couldn't. So I thought was he asking us not to shoot the film? Then I immediately went down as I cried!"

Yun Yi revealed that for that fast roping scene she was so scared that she said her "last words". "I am so scared I cried, I kept yelling, 'I still haven't had a child, I don't want to die yet'! (Did that overcome your fear?) It probably was useful. On my birthday I even went to cross a rapid for the shoot. (What safety precaution did you have?) Just a rope! However the director and the producer treated me very well. They said that I could use a double, but the double didn't resemble my figure. In the end I didn't use one." With her martial art background Ho Pui Man did a split on a ladder to "steal the spotlight". She said that on the first day of the shoot her right left was already swollen from kicking. Later she cut her foot on shrapnel and bled!

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