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Jackie Chan and Nicholas Tse make a surprise appearance to support Dante Lam
Dante Lam
Carlos Chan, Andrew Lin, Wang Luodan, Shawn Dou, Eddie Peng, Dante Lam, Jackie Chan, Nicholas Tse, Albert Yeung
Choi Si-Won, Eddie Peng and Shawn Dou
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Eddie Peng Yu-Yan, Shawn Dou Xiao, Choi Si-Won yesterday promoted their upcoming film TO THE FORE (POR FUNG). In the film Eddie and Dou Xiao both pursued Wang Luodan. Dou Xiao joked, "I am the warm guy, he is the hot guy. His temperature is much higher than mine, but I can't spoil the film." In real life, Eddie felt that it was very hard to run into two guys after the same girl. He said, "I ran into it in high school, but I wasn't confident and didn't dare to express myself. So I help others instead. (You were probably very popular with the girls?) No, at the time I was a big fatty, 158 centimeters and 68 kilograms. Now I am only 72 kilograms."

The film had many cycling race scenes. Eddie and Dou Xiao in the Busan black market race held hands to cross the finish line, which was probably the most dangerous scene. Eddie said that it was a lot of fun and they did not use any stunt doubles. Speaking of the frequent injuries during the shoot, what was Eddie's most severe time? He said, "The most severe was when Chan Ka Lok was injured and hospitalized. In cycling flipping forward or backward is very normal, the most dangerous is the group shoot, as long as two or three cyclists fell the others would follow." Si-Won also injured his arm and hip, but he has always liked to ride a bicycle so he was not scared off.

Speaking of the film's numerous locations, where was the shoot the most difficult? Dou Xiao admitted that Hong Kong and the desert because Hong Kong's highway had many sharp turns. The tunnel connection spots could easily blow a tire. Si-Won with his limited Putonghua joked that Busan was the most difficult. "Because I am not in it. (In the film you don't you don't have any love interest, was it regrettable?) Very comfortable......I am joking."

This time they worked together for the first time. Eddie praised Si-Won for his hard work. He not only prepared himself but also asked hi how to perform even better. He was very serious, not every actor would have such energy. He admired him very much. Si-Won returned the favor and said, "He is great." He also said that if everyone asked him what was left after the wrap, he would say that only the two of them. Because they were close in age, they had a great relationship. When they were together they felt very comfortable.

As for the director's interest in a diving film next time, Dou Xiao joked that it would be called "breaking water". Would Si-Won be willing to return? He said that they were OK he would be too. Eddie said that he was more suitable to play the coach because he was out of shape.

Two nights ago at the film premiere in Beijing, Nicholas Tse Ting Fung and Jackie Chan appeared as surprise guests. Soon to start work on his new film, Jackie Chan revealed that when Director Lam first showed him the TO THE FORE script he said, "At the time I thought, how can a cycling race be made into a movie? In comparison an action film isn't that hard to make, everyone just stand there and fight. Yet his new film just kept on flying, it was very hard to shoot and absolutely a big surprise in Chinese film. I really like this film. The next time if you have this type of new subjects you have to ask me to make it!" Director Lam admitted that he has always wanted to work with Jackie Chan, who once asked him to write a script. He said, "Earlier we talked about it, it will be a drama. Now after he says it I have a lot of pressure. I will improve the script before showing it to him."

Ting Fung has worked with Director Lam on THE STOOL PIGEON and THE BEAST STALKER. He rushed over from his television program CHEF NIC and still had no his chef clothes. "Everyone knows this film wasn't easy to make. It was very tough, but with Lam Chiu Yin the film already had quality guarantee." The film will start its 13 days promotional tour from Beijing to all over China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

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