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The Ann Hui On Wa directed A SIMPLE LIFE (TOH JEH) earlier was invited to be the London "Hong Kong 15 Film Festival" opening film. Earlier it was invited to open the "Hong Kong Film Festival" in Berlin, Germany as well. Producer and screen writer Roger Lee Yan Lam went to Berlin as the special guest at the premiere party and shared the experience with over 200 participants from the German government, cultural, business and media world as well as viewers.

Roger said that German viewers looked forward to Hui On Wa's films. Hui On Wa's SUMMER SNOW (NUI YUN SEI SUP) once at the Berlin Film Festival won the Best Actress Silver Bear prize (Josephine Siao Fong Fong). Thus the German audience had quite an impression of Hui On Wa. Roger said that she would tell her the good news. He also said that a German actress after watching was moved to tears because A SIMPLE LIFE reminded her of her father who passed away recently. The actress would like him to introduce her to Hui On Wa. Roger joked, "If Ann would make a German film, I definitely would introduce them. (Are you making connections for Ann to make movies in Germany?) Well I am not that powerful, haha."

Roger revealed that at the end of the year he will start work on another film but will not help with its creation. He joked that he only knew how to tell his own stories and not write other people's stories, as he was not a professional screen writer. Adapting A SIMPLE LIFE into a film and a book fulfilled his dreams. He revealed that he might adapt A SIMPLE LIFE for the stage. Earlier reportedly A SIMPLE LIFE would be adapted for television. Roger said that casting was very difficult so it did not come to fruition. He said, "For television I am afraid that the character look would be too far apart, so far now I won't work on A SIMPLE LIFE again. I want to maintain her spirit."

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