Tuesday, July 31, 2012

[2012.08.01] JEANA HO GETS ALL WET

courtesy of on.cc

Pseudo model Jeana Ho Pui Yu earlier worked on an intimate scene with film new comer Justin Cheung Kin Sing. In the story Cheung Kin Sing gropes Jeana's breasts. Parkman Cheung came to the set to keep an eye on his girlfriend, which had Cheung Kin Sing sweating bullets. Jeana complained, "He got me all wet!"

Jeana earlier worked on the new film DUE WEST OUR SEX JOURNEY (YUT LO HEUNG SAI) and gave a wild performance. She not only generously disrobed in front of the camera but also had many intimate scenes with film new comer Cheung Kin Sing, even when Cheung Kin Sing grabbed her breasts she did not act up. She was very professional.

In the story when Cheung Kin Sing grabbed Jeana, something did not feel right. Jeana boldly said, "Right, I just had an enlargement." Cheung Kin Sing was stunned. Due to the nature of the scene Jeana's boyfriend Parkman Cheung took time to visit the set. After the scene Jeana quickly left the set with her boyfriend.

Jeana revealed that her co-star Cheung Kin Sing was more nervous than she was. "The crew all said that he has gotten very familiar with the shoot, but for some reason with me that day he was very nervous. His hands were sweaty and got my chest all wet." With her breast enlargement, Jeana said that she struggled with playing a "fake ball person". "I don't like the title of fake ball person, but I thought the story was pretty interesting. So I decided to give it a shot."

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