Tuesday, July 31, 2012


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DIVA is Joey Yung Cho Yi's first big screen representative work. In the story a music diva falls for a blind hunk. Coincidentally Joey earlier was revealed to be in love with Wilfred Lau Ho Lung. When asked whether the difference in wealth and position would affect this budding romance, Joey said that she did not mind such matter. Life and movies were different. She would not look at whether his position was different. The focus would be on both liking each other.

Already in music for 12 years, Yung Cho Yi this year finally got the chance to make a big screen representative work DIVA. Although due to scheduling conflict she was unable to attend the Udine Film Festival she was fortunately enough to appear at the Shanghai Film Festival and the Hong Kong Summer International Film Festival. Yet Joey had a dream of this movie bringing her to the red carpets of different film festivals.

Joey in the film played a music diva, much like in real life. In the film she fell in love with Hu Ge who lost his sight to a diving practice accident. Thus the Chapman To Man Jat played manager scolded her with foul language and brought her to tears. She even angrily roared, "This job of mine is just singing, am I not a human being?"

Used to living a quiet and lonely life, Hu Ge did not want Joey to bring him into the glitz and glamor as he directly told Joey, "You don't mess with my life, go and be your star!" They had a pool scene, in which Joey wanted to remind Hu Ge of his past diving glory. Yet Hu Ge angrily scolded, "No one would harm me for being blind, why did you bring me back to this water world!"

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