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Andy Lau, Lin Chiling, Peter Lam, Zhang Jingchu
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Lin Chiling and Zhang Jingchu yesterday came to Hong Kong to work on the the new film SWITCH (FU CHUN SHAN GUI TOH)'s film poster with Andy Lau Tak Wa. Zhang Jingchu's "career line" was still no match for the "plastic face" Lin Chiling.

Lau Tak Wa joked that he was dressed as 007. He not only praised the beauties for being more than sex but also for taking risks in their fight scenes. Thus during the shoot, he was worried that he would accidentally injure them. Wa Jai also revealed that aside from the fight scene, the film also had a dangerous Burj Khalifa stunt; however he personally performed the five floor jumps and about within 50 feet. The parachute jump from the top went to the double. Wa Jai admitted, "I am afraid of heights, I don't dare to jump myself. In the past I was the most terrified about a scene in RUNNING OUT OF TIME (UM JIN), but I have never jumped above 50 feet."

Did the two beauties deliberately accommodate him daughter raising to come to Hong Kong for the poster shoot? He smiled and said, "I don't know; but since my first co-production to now the posters were all shot in Hong Kong. I still have to thank them though."

Lin Chiling and Zhang Jingchu both congratulated Wa Jai's fatherhood already, but they still have not seen photos of the "Little Dragon Maiden" Lau Heung Wai. Lin Chiling joked that she hoped to be able to sneak a peek at "Little Dragon Maiden"; Zhang Jingchu felt that Wa Jai after becoming a father was very childlike, perhaps because of the new child at home. Although she has not seen Wa Jai's daughter, from boss Peter Lam Kin Ngok she learned that "Little Dragon Maiden" is exactly as pretty as Mommy.

Lin Chiling saw Zhang Jingchu's "career line" display and joked that she had to keep an eye on her. She also said that the director deliberately contrast their characters. In the film Zhang Jingchu was more conservative, this photo shoot was the sexiest; in the film she was not conservative at all and the image wilder. Even Zhang Jingchu said that one of her bandage scene had a transparent feel and was very sexy. Lin Chiling also praised Wa Jai for being very serious during the fight scenes. He insisted on personally performing every scene. She who originally had only 30% strength went to the full 100% under his influence.

Zhang Jingchu and Jacqueline Law Wai Guen worked together on NIGHT AND FOG (TIN SHUI WAI DIK YEH YU MO). She said when Guen Mui passed away, she was busy with the film and did not learn about her passing until very late. She was very surprised and saddened. Zhang Jingchu praised Guen Mui as very nice and very sunny. Her sudden passing indeed broke her heart. She saw the final photos and thought Guen Mui was very strong.

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