Tuesday, July 24, 2012


courtesy of singtao.com

Raymond Lam Fung and Raymond Wong Pak Ming's 18 year old new comer Karena Ng Chin Yu were rumored to have hooked up while working together on the film LOVE IS PAJAMAS (NAM YUN YU YI FOK). Reportedly they were caught on a date earlier, when Fung Lam ditched Ng Chin Yu to escape the media. Lam Fung yesterday had no response while Ng Chin Yu took the initiative to "defuse" the situation.

Ng Chin Yu yesterday responded through her manager, "Lam Fung is just an ordinary friend, we are not dating." She explained that she and Lam Fung attended a private dinner with a group of friends. They were nearby so they shared a taxi to the destination, but Lam Fung remembered that he had to buy something. Thus he got off halfway and they met up at the dinner. Ng Chin Yu sounded very protective of Lam Fung.

Reportedly Lam Fung at the karaoke party sang a love song to Ng Chin Yu. Her manager again said, "Actually this karaoke event was a LOVE IS PAJAMAS wrap event. the entire team was there. Lam Fung didn't sing the song as reported."

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