Saturday, October 12, 2013


Teresa Mo regrets not spreading the gospel to Leslie Cheung
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The Luisa Lai Chi San program TELLING MARIA 2 two nights ago aired Teresa Mo Shun Kwan's interview. She spoke about not detecting her late friend Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing's depression earlier and felt that she owed him. "I should haven't spread the gospel to him sooner and actively took him to church. Yet at that time he seemed to have shut the back door, which made me avoid the subject."

Mo Shun Kwan recalled Gor Gor asked her to meet after the disorder. When she saw Gor Gor she already knew that it was a big deal. Gor Gor's hands were shaking sharply. "Gor Gor suddenly said to me, if he died he wanted me to hold a Christian ceremony for him."

After the news of Gor Gor's death surprised him, Gor Gor's words lingered in her mind. She thought, "This was his final wish, who should I tell this to?" She went through a lot of trouble to tell those around Gor Gor, but unfortunately the funeral was not a Christian ceremony. "I feel the kind of ceremony is unimportant; although I have hoped to fulfill Gor Gor's wish very much, I wanted even more for those around him not to be too sad about it." Mo Shun Kwan said that Gor Gor had a fear of heights. He chose to end his life with what he was afraid of the most, which obviously showed how much pain he was in.

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