Friday, March 4, 2016

[2016.03.05] IP MAN 3 PASSES 100 MILLION RMB IN 16 HOURS

Donnie Yen visits a Shenzhen cinema
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The Donnie Yen Chi Tan starred film IP MAN 3 opened in Hong Kong on Christmas Eve last year and made over HK$ 60 million. The film opened in the Mainland on March 4th and has been rather popular. After 16 hours in release it passed 100 million yuan RMB to break a box office record. With advanced ticket box office the film has reached 170 million yuan and would have a chance to pass 200 million on its opening day.

Although Chi Tan earlier was busy with his new Hollywood film in Canada, the Mainland audience was still very important to him. He took time to promote IP MAN 3 in the Mainland and visited Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou among other locations. Yesterday he stopped in Shenzhen and the entire cinema's audience fought for a photo with Chi Tan. One of the film's investors, Pegasus Motion Pictures' boss Raymond Wong Pak Ming was deeply pleased with the Mainland performance. "I am grateful! IP MAN 3 broke 100 million in 16 hours, broke IP MAN's record. I am really very happy. I will keep making good movies for everyone."

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