Friday, February 1, 2013


Lynn Xiong forces Susan Shaw and Ha Chun Chau into Easter Bunny costumes
Lynn Xiong gets a tattoo?
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Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam) in the Lunar New Year film HOTEL DELUXE (BAK SING JAU DIM) played a sweet and polite famous star Ke Xiaping who actually was a completely different person privately, with tattoos and a foul mouth. It was a huge challenge for the normally soft spoken her. "In one scene I had to use foul language toward Sister Mo (Teresa Mo Shun Kwan). At the time I was really very nervous. Sister Mo comforted me and told me to be daring and meaner. During the shoot, I pushed Sister Mo hard and she flew into the wall. At the time I was really very sorry!"

In another scene she invited Ha Chun Chau and Susan Shaw Yam Yam to guest star in a senior care commercial. On camera she took great care of the two seniors but actually kept abusing them. She forced them to stuff themselves with moon cakes and wear Easter Bunny costumes to play cute. However, Sister Yam Yam said, "I can't believe Uncle Winter and I are 200 years old together and still have to dress up. It's very exciting to me, I hope the audience feel we are funny and not gross. Yet we kept eating on repeated shoots, my stomach was full but I still had to pretend that I was enjoying it."

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