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Sima Yin brings her two sons to support Raymond Wong
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Fiona Sit is used to Chapman To's endless insults
Sandra Ng and Teresa Mo still have chemistry after 19 years

Fiona Sit posts a still from the movie online.
"If my wedding photo is really like this, I'd probably cry."
Lynn Xiong declines any interview due to her father's passing
Ronald Cheng and his wife Sammie Yu
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HOTEL DELUXE (BAK SING JAU DIM) two nights ago held a premiere. Fiona Sit Hoi Kei appeared in a tight orange dress but her lack of a figure was made fun of. Chapman To Man Jat said, "She has no curve to start with. Others go overboard, she uses a belt to draw out her chest." He said that earlier when they worked in Qiandao Lake they often chatted in their rooms. Sit Hoi Kei was reluctant to leave, when it was over she even forgot her own room number and left Sandra Ng Kwan Yu with an absurd look in her eyes.

To Man Jat also joked that Kwan Yu's chest was as flat as her back. "I was chatting with Sit Hoi Kei in the room and Kwan Yu's massage appointment came up. I saw her back, but when she turned around I still thought it was her back; earlier when we returned to the radio station for a program, she even went without a bra for comfort."

Sit Hoi Kei felt embarrassed from the jabs at her lack of figure. "From now on when I work with them on a movie I want a raise!" Kwan Yu joked that everyone could see how thin she was. Even her daughter thought her chest was small and her figure resembled a man's. Kwan Yu joked, "Earlier I am naked with my daughter. The maid had a great figure so my daughter asked why some are big and some are small. I asked her whether she liked big or small, she at first said mine was just right, then 3 seconds later she said she liked big and said my figure looked like a boy's!" Kwan Yu had no intention to enhance her breasts but would cultivate her daughter to have a perfect figure. "I would tell her to eat more nutritious food and develop a super model figure." She even struck back and said that To Man Jat was very dirty.

Teresa Mo Shun Kwan and Kwan Yu worked together again after 19 years. Raymond Wong Pak Ming pointed out that they were rumored to be at odds. Mo Shun Kwan immediately denied the rumor. "We don't have a chance to be at odds. Previously when we finished a movie we went home. During location Kwan Yu even shipped me fruit for juicing, Wong Pak Ming only asked Kwan Yu to make movies for so many years!" Kwan Yu boasted, "Wong Pak Ming misses me very much!"

Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam) whose father just passed away did not accept any interview and forced a smile. Ha Chun Chau said, "Lynn scolded me with foul language!" Actually Hung Doi Lam in the film played a mobster who was very rough.

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