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Only with mutual support, Nick Cheung and Eddie Peng are able to tough out UNBEATABLE's difficult shoot
Eddie Peng believes that it is very important for film to be able to provide a message to viewers.  Thus he likes inspirational films.
Nick Cheung considers UNBEATABLE to be his most difficult film yet.  He only took it because of director Dante Lam.
Nick Cheung is truly UNBEATABLE
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The youth and the strong should be feared in fighting, but the 45 year old Nick Cheung Ka Fai in the film UNBEATABLE (GIK JIN) faced the 31 year old Taiwan star Eddie Peng Yu-Yen. He absolutely did not lose out with his shape, even when Peng Yu-Yen saw Ka Fai's strong and explosive muscles for the first time, he could not help but be in awe. He admired Ka Fai's determination very much.

Both played Mixed Martial Arts fighters, Ka Fai was never afraid of the comparison and never had Peng Yu-Yen in his sights; he did not liked to be compared with others, he would only challenge himself.

C: Nick Cheung, P: Eddie Peng, R: Reporter

C: I never worried about being pale in comparison, the biggest defeat as a human is comparison. Living in the shadow of comparison are destined to be losers. Despite in comparison with other fighters my body may not be the most perfect, I can show viewers a thin Cheung Ka Fai and turn into this type of body as well. This is my real challenge. I will always only challenge myself. No one can beat the entire world, there is always someone better. No matter how tall, how pretty, how talented you are, someone is definitely better than you. Only you can challenge yourself. This time I feel is pretty successful, I am able to give everyone a pleasant surprise and show them my sincerity.

R: Is UNBEATABLE the most difficult film in your careers?

P: Yes! When I made JUMP! ASHIN, I thought it was the most difficult. Yet working on director (Dante) Lam Chiu Yin's film was even more difficult. He was very vicious and squeezed us dry. Brother Ka Fai has been acting for years, but he was still afraid when the director called his name. However I wouldn't be scared off and dare not work with Lam Chiu Yin again. When I work with him I can see a different me, spending two to three months to train is worth it; through training, looks, body shape and conditions are different from previous performance just like the character in the film.

C: Lam Chiu Yi and I have worked together 5 times, each time more difficult than the last. Why did I still agree to perform? Because we have a chemistry that is beyond suspicion. Whether at work or the way we think, we have a very interesting feeling. We don't say much, but our taste and vision are the same and mix very quickly. When the director told me that he wanted to make a fighting film, when I heard fighting I already didn't want to make it. I thought he was just all talk. Yet one day he said that the production went into production. As a partner I had no reason not to make it. In addition I haven't made one before and I wanted to challenge myself too. This time was my limit. Luckily I had Peng Yu-Yen to keep me company on such a tough road, we encouraged each other, supported each other, if I was the only one on the mission, I couldn't explain all the pain I had. Who could relate?

R: Ka Fai, many people see you as the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actor favorite with UNBEATABLE. Do you want to win again?

C: I want to win, when I win of course I would be happy. If I don't win I wouldn't be disappointed and envy others, like when NIGHTFALL (DAI JUI BO) didn't win an award I wasn't down. Because I was always in the wager, in gambling you can't win every bt. As the saying goes as long as you bet you haven't lost yet. I lost this year, I will bet again next year! When I will lose again next year, I still have the year after and the year after that!

R: Peng Yu-Yen, is our struggle in the film like your real life 10 year struggle to have the result today?

P: More or less, in the film I played a rick kid. Later because of my family I had to start as a laborer. The struggle was very tough and the process was very similar. Although in real life I wasn't a rich kid, I have been in the business for 10 years. I started slowly but I also had trouble at work. I had no job at a time and had to start over. Only in these few years did I have more performance opportunities. When I made this film the experience was very deep, I especially liked inspirational films. They could give me strength and hopefully be able to encourage fans and viewers. In the face of a crisis we still had to bravely face it, only this way does being an actor have value. Only by taking risks can you win, many people have the courage but dare not break through and challenge themselves. They build a wall, but actually this wall collapses with just one push. Behind it is your dream. My personality is this type of adventure spirit.

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