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Karena Ng Chin Yu two nights ago attended Zucca fall and winter fashion show. Reportedly she tried to force the issue of marriage with boyfriend Raymond Lam Fung, got a masseur for a massage to enrage her boyfriend into tears and hooked up with Pakho Chau behind Lam Fung's back. Ng Chin Yu said that the reports were absurd and untrue. She said that she never went for a massage with Lam Fung and he was never enraged to the point of tears.

Ng Chin Yu helplessly said, "None of it is true. Earlier we already issued a join statement and officially responded." Did Lam Fung cry? She said, "No. We never went for a massage together, no one forced marriage, and I am lost about me hooking up with Pakho."

Ng Chin Yu said that Lam Fung and Pakho Chau were new comers of the same period. They knew each other long ago and were good friends. She and Pakho were familiar. Earlier After a promotion in Macau together the rumor came. "After the rumor, I spoke with Pakho. We felt it was very strange." She stressed that with Pakho development was impossible.

Ng Chin Yu revealed that later she will work on Eric Tsang Chi Wai's new film and be paired with Alex Lam Tak Shun, who was a rumor magnet. She said, "I am immune, if a film still would spread rumors then I can't do anything about that."

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