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Sima Yin does not object to her son Ian's film productions but he has to finish the university first
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Michelle Sima Yin two nights ago brought her older son Ian Gowu Iskander (Ng King Toh) to attend a charity film premiere. Would Ng King Toh be interested in making another film? He said that he might make another film. Sima Yin said, "After making AFTER THIS OUR EXILE (FU JI) he said that he was no longer interested in making another film. Now he actually changes his mind. I don't object to him joining the business, but he has to finish the university first." The 16 year old Ng King Toh still has 2 years before the university, where he plans to study industry and business administration.

Was Ng King Toh dating? He said no, earlier the girl who went to the movies with his family was just a friend. Did he have many suitors? He awkwardly said, "I don't know!" If her son was dating, Sima Yin would not mind. She said, "At age 14 I already had suitors, instead my son said that he would not date until the university where he would have more choices."

Sima Yin appeared to be in great spirit. She said that earlier on her cruise she had great appetite. After returning to Hong Kong perhaps she was too tense and had to take care of her sons' everyday life, instead she had no appetite.

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