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Kenji Wu and Janice Man are guest presenters
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Tony Leung Ka Fai wins Best Actor
Chapman To wins Best Supporting Actress but is unable to attend
Yan Bingyan deserves to wi n Best Actress
Lee Lieh happily wins Best Supporting Actress
Chen Bo-Lin wins Viewers Choice Most Eye Catching Performance
Qi Xi wins Best New Actor
Duan Yihong wins Viewers Choice Most Eye Catching Actor
Cheng Er wins Best Picture with LETHAL HOSTAGE
Best Director Gao Qunshu
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The 13th Chinese Film Media Award last night took place in Quanzhou. Tony Leung Ka Fai after winning the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actor with COLD WAR won again. Best Actress nominee Sammi Cheng Sau Man lost to Yan Bingyan. Absent due to his mother's birthday, Chapman To Man Jat with DIVA won Best Supporting Actor. Angelababy was the "viewers' choice most eye catching actress".

Leung Ka Fai earlier won the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actor with COLD WAR. He appeared to be much calmer with his victory yesterday. Actually 7 years ago h has already won this award with ELECTION (HAK SEH WUI). Leung Ka Fai described himself as lost. Because he just finished a film overseas, he was still jet lagged. Josie Ho Chiu Yi presented the award, which Leung Ka Fai was extra emotional about. "We have acted together before, thank you very much for voting for m. In the future I will work with even more new directors."

Cheng Sau Man was nominated for Best Actress with ROMANCING IN THIN AIR (GO HOI BUT JI LUEN II). She once joked that she has lost 7 times already, this time would be her eighth. The award went to FENG SHUI's Yan Bingyan. She said, "This film has already given me too much, far surpassing my expectation. I am truly very emotional. Thank you Director for giving me such a good character to play, and thank you to the entire team as well because every movie needs to work together to do well. FENG SHUI's box office truly was thousands of arrows through the hart, but I have benefited the most and I won an award too. The feeling is indescribable."

To Man Jat won Best Supporting Actor with DIVA, but he had to celebrate his mother's birthday and was unable to attend. He prepared a Putonghua speech video. He said, "I am very honored, this year I have been busy with film productions and haven't had time to dine with Mama. So I have to be with her on her birthday, not being able to personally accept the award is very regrettable. Thank you Director for making me look more handsome than in real life, I also have to thank (Joey) Yung Cho Yi. Without her there wouldn't be this movie. This time is already the third time I won with this movie. When a comedy actor wins an award, to me it is also a comedy." The host Mickey Huang made fun of his Putonghua as very rotten, turning "comedy actor" into "dead actor".

When Baby accepted "viewers' choice most eye catching actress" she said, "Thank you to the event and viewers for voting, after making movies for 3 years and 8 movies, as an actress I would be excited about performing well. I am heading toward my film dream step by step. I hope everyone would have a film dream too, let's go together!"

Best Picture was LETHAL HOSTAGE, the director of which Cheng Er also won Best New Director. Best Director went to BEIJING BLUES' Gao Qunshu.

The 13th Chinese Film Media Award
Best Actor: Tony Leung Ka Fai (COLD WAR)
Best Actress: Yan Bingyan (FENG SHUI)
Best Director: Gao Qunshu (BEIJING BLUES)
Best Supporting Actor: Chapman To Man Jat (DIVA)
Best Supporting Actress: Lee Lieh (TOUCH OF THE LIGHT)
Best New Actor: Qi Xi (MYSTERY)
Best New Director: Cheng Er (LETHAL HOSTAGE)
Best Screenplay: Liu Zhenyun (1942)
Viewers' Choice Most Eye Catching Film: LOST IN THAILAND
Viewers' Choice Most Eye Catching Actor: Duan Yihong (WHITE DEER PLAIN)
Viewers' Choice Most Eye Catching Actress: AngelaBaby (FIRST TIME)
Viewers' Choice Most Eye Catching Performance: Chen Bo-Lin (SNOWFALL IN TAIPEI)
Hundred Media Salute Film of the Year: 1942
Hundred Media Salute Filmmaker of the Year: Lou Ye (MYSTERY)
Hundred Media Salute Jury Prize: TOUCH OF THE LIGHT

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