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As Tina breaks down, Madame tries to hold back
Andrew Lau brings his wife and son to pay respect to Master
Andrew Lau and Shawn Yue's family with Madame
Shawn Yue consoles Madame
Shawn Yue is popular with the workers
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Tony Leung Chiu Wai holds Madame and remembers the most that Master advises him to be filial
Tony Leung Chiu Wai has known the Master for years and remembers his teachings
Richie Jen consoles Madame
Richie Jen misses the Master
Richie Jen and his girlfriend Tina go to Thailand for the White Dragon King's first seven ceremony
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Thailand's White Dragon King Chow Yam Nam passed away last Saturday at the age of 76. Many Hong Kong artists have headed to the White Dragon King Temple to pay their respect. Yesterday was the White Dragon King's First Seven, Leung Chiu Wai, Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai) and his girlfriend Tina went to Thailand to attend the ceremony. They presented incense sticks and prayed, remembering the Master's teachings. Tina and Madame embraced and cried.

The White Dragon King doted on Wai Jai. Whenever he saw Wai Jai he treated him like a child, touched his face and his chin. TVB Entertainment News Station last night aired a video of Wai Jai and Siu Chai's visit. When Wai Jai arrived at the White Dragon King Temple, Madame personally welcomed him. Dressed in white Wai Jai after consoling Madame immediately went in to present incense sticks to the Master and prayed. Then the White Dragon King's daughter Pet took him to the viewing. Pet presented Wai Jai with a bead chain as a gift. When Wai Jai left he hug Madame and held Pet' hand. He was reluctant to leave. He said that the Master often reminded him to be filial to his parents and good to his friends.

Siu Chai and Tina came together. When Tina saw Madame she immediately gave her a sorrowful embrace and broke down. She could not settle down for a long time. When Siu Chai was interviewed, Tina just kept sobbing. Siu Chai said, "The Master was a very important teacher in my life, he taught to help others and do charity work. Thank you for taking care of me. He is gone and I miss him very much." Siu Chai due to work might not be able to attend the September 1 funeral.


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