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Film industry new comer Angel Chiang Ka Man earlier was interviewed with her co-star Edward Ma Chi Wai and spoke about the production romance. She revealed that because of a "heroic rescue" scene with Edward she "fell" for him. Angel who has played many stars' younger versions also claimed to be a mix of Charmaine Sheh Si Man and Sheren Tang Shui Man, tough enough yet loving to act!

Angel revealed that because of Edward's "heroic rescue" she fell for him. "I felt at that moment I fell for Edward's character. In one scene I had to look for him in high heels, but during the shoot I sprained my leg. The director yelled cut and he immediately came over to help me up. He truly was quite a hero!" Edward busted out, "Don't talk about my good points!"

They also shared their feelings about the new film's romantic relationship and being forced into prostitution. They both said that they would not mind that their real life companions would not be "first timers". Edward said, "I wouldn't mind if it wasn't her first time, but I would mind my girlfriend turning tricks." Angel also said, "You don't get to mind, the society moral is different now. The most important is the other half is faithful and loyal to you."

With ample television series experience, Angel has played "young versions" of Krstyal Tin Yui Nei, Sheh Si man, Tang Shui Man and Helena Law Lan's characters. If she had to choose which female star she would resemble the most, she felt that she was a mix between Sheh Si Man and Tang Shui man. "Actually Man Nui has said that I looked like her. She said that my performance was very similar to hers when she was younger. I feel Man Nui is a good actress, at the same time I am so infatuated with acting. When I was little I already wanted to be an actress when I grew up, so I think the passion for acting is like hers! I also feel I am pretty similar to Ah Sheh's tough personality."

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