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Edison Chen was rumored to ask the White Dragon King for help when the sex photo scandal brok
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The White Dragon King over the years received high recommendations from show business people. Aside from their hope of receiving his personal blessing, he often would give a word or two of "advice" to the faithful. Many artists were felt in awe and would follow as advised in hopes of smooth careers.

Tony Leung Chiu Wai was one of the White Dragon King's favorites. The White Dragon King would touch his chin and his "gifts" of pummelo would be double. Over 10 years ago Wai Jai went to visit the White Dragon King. At the time he was advised against any building jump scene. He never expected that upon his return to Hong Kong he immediately was asked to do one. He insisted against personally performing the stunt and finally the stunt double was truly injured. Carina Lau Ka Ling went along with Wai Jai to visit, but each time the White Dragon King declined to see her due to "a lack of destiny". Since then she no longer followed Wai Jai to visit him.

In 2010 casino king Stanley Ho Hung Sun's third wife Ina Chan Un Chan and daughter Florinda Ho Chiu Wan visited the White Dragon King. Chiu Wan brought her father's pajamas with her, which the White Dragon King splashed holy water on. He also wrote a charm and seal to improve the casino king's condition.

In 2003 Leon Lai Ming with the INFERNAL AFFAIRS 3 (JUNG GIK MO GAN) film team to pray at the White Dragon King Temple in Thailand. Lai Ming revealed that the White Dragon King advised him to be careful with women. Lai Ming said at the time, "Women and love cannot be rejected. When they come they come, when they go they go. When I think about women outside of work, I would remember this comment from the White Dragon King." Last year Lai Ming and Gaile Lok's marriage of 4 years ended.

Edison Chen Koon Hei in 2008 shocked the world with an artist nude photo scandal. At the time he was in hiding but received his boss Peter Lam Kin Ngok's arrangement to first visit the White Dragon King before returning to Hong Kong. At the time the White Dragon King said that Chen Koon Hei was only making a mistake because he was young.

Nat Chan Pak Cheung has always claimed that the White Dragon King helped with his money and luck, thus he won horse racing bets many times. In 2007 the White Dragon King dropped candle wax on his arm and wanted Ah Lek to scrap the wax off. In 2009, the White Dragon King burnt a charm in a golden goblet and asked Ah Lek to kneel while carrying the goblet with both arms. He also knocked him in the head with a broom.

Show Luo (Law Chi Cheung) in 2007 visited the White Dragon King. At the time the White Dragon King urged him to "avoid sex" in order to endure in fame like Andy Lau Tak Wa and Leung Chiu Wai. Piggy often mentioned this but his rumors remained endless. Earlier he even had an internet sex incident.

"Compatriot" Alice Chan Wai admitted that she missed him very much. "My family like his is from Chouzhou. My parents get along famously with him. The White Dragon King's wife would cook for us. The White Dragon King is very nice and would use the faithfuls' donations to donate coffins to the dead who had no family or friend." Anthony Wong Chau Sun remembered meeting the White Dragon King in Hong Kong. "At the time one of us was going in and the other out (of the elevator). He through his translator told me to be careful with my stomach, now my stomach really has problems."

Taiwan artist Eddie Peng Yu-Yen, Natalie Meng Yao and Ng Chi Hung yesterday thanked the Master for guidance and teachings online. Peng Yu-Yen thanked the White Dragon King for helping him get over his low point. "You were a kind elder, at my lowest you gave me direction." Tough guy Ng Chi Hung also expressed his sadness. "Only one prson who changed my personality in the past 20 some years, my master the White Dragon King!"

Meng Yao expressed her sorrow, "I received a horrible news! My heart is beating! My eyes are tearing up! I hurt very much!" Director Roy Chow Hin Yeung also praised the White Dragon King for his kindness. "This is today's heart breaking news. He was a kind sage, everyone respected him. Let's pray together in silence for Master."

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