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The sexy star of LAN KWAI FONG 2 (HEI OI YEH PO 2), DUE WEST OUR SEX JOURNEY (YUT LO HEUNG SAI) Angelina Zhang (Cheung Woon Nga) is swept into a nude photo scandal, when someone uploaded her all nude "art" photos from 2009 to message boards for all to see. Cheung Woon Nga is in the Mainland and feels that the matter is related to her former manager Peter. She states that she will return to Hong Kong and contact the police.

Cheung Woon Nga's former manager Peter Chiu takes action first as he went to the police station yesterday morning then issued a statement to the press. Yesterday Artist Group Entertainment issued a statement. "In regards to nude photos of this company's former artist Miss Cheung Woon Nga being spread online, this company has suffered damage to its reputation. Due to the severity of the matter, this company today has already officially reported to the police station in hopes of police assistance in the investigation and find the truth as soon as possible."

Artist Group Entertainment boss Peter Chiu revealed that the request for police assistance was in order to stop the nude photos from being spread further, hoped that the police will be able to find the source of the photos and brought the person to justice. Because Miss Cheung has not yet returned to Hong Kong, as her former company it still contacted the police first to prevent the photo leak from getting out of control. Peter said that he had no contact with Cheung Woon Nga, believing that she would personally contact the police once she returned to Hong Kong.

As for AGE's relationship with Cheung Woon Nga, he said that the company finally decided to terminate their contract early. The contract was officially ended two days ago (July 31); the company did not ask Cheung Woon Nga to make any compensation. As for the company being rumored to be after the commission from jobs that she privately took, Peter said, "It's negotiable, but the company has to do its due diligence and answer to the company and co-workers. This has already been handed over for lawyers to handle."

The police public relations department confirmed that yesterday morning around 11AM a man with the last name Chiu went to the Yau Ma Tei police station and filed a report, claiming that he learned from newspapers that someone impersonated him and posted indecent photos of a woman online. The case is not a felony and has been listed under a miscellaneous investigation.

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