Thursday, August 1, 2013


Mark Lee plays a taxi driver in TAXI! TAXI!
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Top Singapore star Mark Lee recently worked with Sandra Ng Kwan Yu on a new film. When two comedy masters met, Lee Kwok Wong said that at first because they were not familiar he pretended to be mild mannered and elegant. After three or four days, their "true faces" came out. They started to talk about everything, especially parenthood. "Kwan Yu is really professional, doing all her homework on everything. She not only memorized the script but also thoroughly digested the content. During the shoot she would often remind everyone."

Lee Kwok Wong's social comedy TAXI! TAXI! will be released on July 28th. In the film he plays a microbiology doctor who after being fired becomes a taxi driver. Lee Kwok Wong said that the character was rather similar to him. He understood that doing his part was the most important and did not need to care too much about outside criticism.

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