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Nick Cheung Ka Fai and Eddie Peng Yu-Yen in the film UNBEATABLE (GIK JIN) played mixed martial art fighters. Although Ka Fai trained when he made NIGHFALL (DAI JUI BO) and Peng Yu-Yen also has been exercising, yet this time they had to train like real fighters and both complained about how tough it was; Ka Fai even stated that this time was the last time. He would never bulk up again for a movie, not even for HK$100 million. He said, "My body really can't handle it."

Recalling the training and the production process, Cheung Ka Fai and Peng Yu-Yen both had chills. Ka Fai said, "This film was 20,000 times tougher than NIGHTFALL. NIGHTFALL had limited action, this film sold training, fighting and overcoming obstacles. Everyday I had eggs, steamed chicken, no salt, grease, sugar, no carbohydrate. I had no strength at all. After more than 20 years of acting, I was never scared out of my wits and had a chill when the director said, 'Ka Fai take your mark'!"

Peng Yu-Yen agreed and even praised Ka Fai as sharp. In a few short months he got so much bigger. He said, "When I was Brother Ka Fai topless, his chest was ready to explode. It was very exaggerated, and I know it didn't come by easily."

As soon as the film wrapped, they pigged out. Peng Yu-Yen joked that everyday he brushed his teeth with ice cream and rinsed with milk shakes. Ka Fai revealed that when they were shooting in Macau he already succumbed. One night he went to "cheat" at a hot pot casserole shop in the middle of the night, ordered a plain soup base and two bowls of beef. h said, "If in the middle of the night a calf walked by, I would have inhaled it." Has he thought about quitting during the shoot? Ka Fai said, "No, but halfway through the director said that he wanted to make UNBEATABLE 2. I immediately said no and told him to find someone else. After making this movie, I was already invincible. I dare to call myself a silver screen tough guy."

Would Ka Fai make with his accidental kissing partner Peng Yu-Yen a gay film? He shook his head and said, "I can't, I know I can't. I can't be like Wai Jai and Cheung Kwok Wing. If my sexual orientation was like that it would be a little better, otherwise the mental impact would be rather enormous." Peng Yu-Yen on the other hand did not resist and said that being able to work with Best Actor Brother Ka Fai was his honor, he was only afraid that he would not perform well.

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