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The film SDU SEX DUTIES UNIT (FEI FU CHOOK JING) after 7 days in release reached HK$10 million at the box office. Two nights ago a celebration was held. Shawn Yue Man Lok, DaDa Chan Jing, Chapman To Man Jat, Susan Shaw Yam Yam and producer Pang Ho Cheung attended. Sister Yam Yam fed Lok Jai abalone on the stage and Lok Jai gladly accepted it. "I am very honored to eat Sister Yam Yam's abalone." To Man Jat joked, "A dried abalone that has been in the collection for years is saved for you." DaDa bit an abalone and fed it to To Man Jat. After eating it he said, "It's so fresh and sweet!"

DaDa who only guest starred in SDU joked that she came for the free meal and did not expect to feed To Man Jat abalone. However this was their usual style and promotion so she did not mind. DaDa said, "This is a great abalone. I too wanted to try what it tasted like, it really was very sweet. Although it was mouth to mouth, we had no contact."

SDU was a big hit but To Man Jat had no intention for a sequel. "VULGARIA was a hit and didn't have a sequel either, but we have to keep up with one crazy comedy a year." As for his wife Krystal Tin Yui Nei in her new series will have kiss scenes with Roger Kwok Chun On, King Kong and Matt Yeung Ming. To Man Jat was not jealous at all, "Great! It balances out with everything I did before so I won't have to feel guilty. She can screw around and I am happy for her. When my wife kisses someone else, I may be already making NAKED AMBITION 2 (HO CHING 2) in Japan and representing China on the expedition to Japan."

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