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LAN KWAI FONG 2 (HEI OI YEH PO 2) and DUE WEST OUR SEX JOURNEY (YUT LO HEUNG SAI)'s sexy star Angelina Zhang (Cheung Woon Nga) recently had her past nude photos distributed online like mad. She was greatly disturbed, as she swore to find out the source of the photos. Yesterday afternoon she returned To Hong Kong, and immediately went to the Kowloon City police station with her director husband Mark Wu Yiu Fai. She angrily called the person who released the photos was "worse than an animal" and hoped that the police will find justice for her. She will definitely investigate to the end.

Cheung Woon Nga recently has been working in the Mainland. Yesterday she appeared in Hong Kong for the first time and immediately went to the police. She and her husband Wu Yiu Fai arrived at the Kowloon City police station around 3:10PM with their lawyer. "Today I come to report to the police about the person who has been distributing the photos with ill intent. The person is worse than an animal, I hope the police can help me so they would have the punishment that they deserve. (Any suspect?) I won't say who, I believe the police will give me a fair response."

Other people were rumored to have her photo. Cheung Woon Nga was upset as she said, "Everyone has his own mouth and his freedom. These photos were taken before I became an artist. I never wanted to be publicize them and my original intent was not to put myself on display. My situation and emotions at the time were not taking the photos for everyone to fight over." She stressed, "The photos were not taken by a former boyfriend, I can be very certain when I tell everyone that the photos have no other man. No one has the right to distribute my photos. Everyone will know the answer about everything, clearly and precisely. I have nothing to hide, in the end everyone will be very clear. I am not worried about everyone knowing about everything that happened."

Speaking of the contract termination with her former manager who said that he would demand compensation from the jobs that she took privately, Wu Yiu Fai said, "The matter is in the lawyer's hands, I too would consider suing him. Today is mainly about the illegal distributions of the photos, no matter what I would support her." Cheung Woon Nga revealed that she came to Hong Kong to pick up her work permit. How did she get one without a company? She and Wu Yiu Fai did not answer. Later Wu Yiu Fai said, "Tonight she still has other jobs. We know it's been tough on everyone. Let us talk to the police first, so we can prove who is the bad guy." Cheung Woon Nga said about her former manager's comment that she was still in the mood to work. She said, "It's because I am professional, I thank the clients for continuing to come to me. I am very grateful. Should I be crying on the stage instead?" When asked about her secret marriage with Wu Yiu Fai, she said that she never thought about hiding it. Her former manager knew that as well. Before entering the police station, she looked back and said, "I hope to find justice for myself." She and Wu Yiu Fai both said, "We will definitely investigate until the end."

Around 6:45PM, they wanted to avoid reporters through the police station back door. They drove to Kowloon City and dropped off their lawyer. Cheung Woon Nga lowered her head and avoided the cameras, then they drove straight to a Quarry Bay home. A female assistant helped her with her luggage. Around 9PM, she and her assistant left and said that she was returning to the Mainland for work.

The police public relations department last night said that around 4PM a woman named Zhang filed a report at the Kowloon City Police Station, claiming that her indecent photos were stolen and posted online. The police classified the case as access to computer with dishonest intent.

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