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Model Lisa S. and Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho) kept their daughter Raven from exposure for over two months. Yesterday in the gift basket that they sent to the media were a box that was designed like a powdered milk can with cookies inside and a family photo. Raven was rather unveiled. Famous photographer Wing Shya (Ha Wing Hong) took the photo. Shot on the day of Raven's second month anniversary of her birth, the photo had a lot of sentimental value.

The can label said that Raven was born on May 30 in Hong Kong, made 100% with true love and described jokingly as an "852" original product. When asked about the powdered milk can theme, Lisa said that during her pregnancy the government enacted powdered milk restriction. From that she had the inspiration to design made in Hong Kong milk powder, then handing it over to Ng Yin Chi's design team. Over 1,000 gift packages were made for family, friends and the media to share their joy.

Raven's Chinese name is "Ng Fei Yin". "Fei" is because their parents' preference for South Africa where they registered their marriage. With their love of nature, her name became "Fei Yin".

Lisa in order to provide the best breast milk to her daughter quit her favorite spicy food. She has also returned to work and later will attend many events. Will they hold a 100 day banquet for Raven? Lisa said, "Many people have asked us this question, we will properly consider it."

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