Tuesday, August 6, 2013


courtesy of singtao.com

Alan Tam Wing Lun yesterday said on a Commercial Radio program that now he would only make movies if the script was good enough to move him. He joked that he has made too many insincere films. In order to help friends he would make them without caring about the scripts, he even asked all his friends not to ask him to guest star. Speaking of him starting the Anita Mui Yim Fong memorial concert, Alan clarified that her foundation would be responsible. If it happened it of course would be good, because it was Ah Mui's wish. Alan also recalled that when Ah Mui competed he already admired her very much. "That day I saw this girl who was very cute singing, although her teeth were weird. Back then she still hasn't fixed her teeth and it was her biggest flaw." Alan also said that Ah Mui reportedly was unhappy and attempted suicide. He took the initiative to talk to Ah Mui and thus became good friends. He also praised Ah Mui for her loyalty.

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