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Nicholas Tse often smiles on the set
Chow Yun Fat waves to student drivers on his morning walk
Hui Siu Hung luckily has a double to drive the taxi into the coffee shop
With injury makeup, Chapman To looks forward to working with Chow Yun Fat
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Nicholas Tse Ting Fung recently was linked in rumors with Mainland actress Zhou Xun as well as fellow Best Actor Tony Leung Chiu Wai. Ting Fung could not care less as he entered the Lunar New Year film production FROM VEGAS TO MACAU (DOH SING FUNG WON). Yesterday Ting Fung often showed his smile on the set; when speaking of rumors, he said, "No comment!" Chapman To Man Jat meanwhile looked forward to working with Chow Yun Fat next week in Macau.

The Chow Yun Fat, Tse Ting Fung and To Man Jat starred Lunar New Year film FROM VEGAS TO MACAU recently began production. For days they have been shooting in a Kwai Fong coffee shop. The entire street has been on lock down as many looked on and took photos. Key actors Ting Fung, Ah Jat, Hui Siu Hung and others arrived around 5PM. Director Wong Jing and producer Andrew Lau Wai Kung were present. Ah Jat came out of the trailer with a injured look. When asked about the progress, Ah Jat said, "We have been at work for a few days, but we haven't seen Fat Gor yet. We probably won't run into him until we will go to Macau next week. Because Ting Fung and I will go to Macau to become his disciples, we will have a lot of scenes together." He joked that he would not need to ask Fat Gor for acting advice because he could not learn no matter what. He has given up long ago. Instead he wanted to study photography with him. Ah Jat revealed, "I believe the shoot will take around three months. Working with Ting Fung, he will be responsible for being cool. I will be responsible for comedy. Our posts will be different."

After dark, Ting Fung appeared. When asked about his recent rumors with Zhou Xun, he smiled and said, "No comment, I have nothing to say!" Then he walked into the coffee shop and discussed the marks with the crew, pointing all over the place and looked very serious about the production.

Around 7PM a car crash was shot. The Hui Siu Hung driven taxi rammed straight into the coffee shop. Although a double was driving, half a taxi went indoors and caused glass to shatter all over the ground. The onlookers were wowed. Two nights ago at the same location, Ting Fung waited inside and had no expression at all. Then former Hardpack drummer Kelvin Jai went to chat with him and Ting Fung finally opened up.

Reportedly, in From Fat Gor and Hui Siu Hung were buddies since the 80s. Hui Siu Hung after having Ting Fung did not have time to take care of him and handed him for Fat Gor to raise. However Fat Gor only taught him how to pick up girls and never how to gamble. Ting Fung and Ah Jat were as close as brothers, they went to learn about gambling from Fat Gor.

Although Fat Gor has not begun work yet but in order to stay in his best shape he continued to exercise outside every morning. Yesterday he took a walk in his neighborhood. Nearby were many "student" driver cars. Always friendly, he waved to drivers of every car and said good morning. When asked about work, Fat Gor said, "Today I don't have to work!"

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