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Sandra Ng says Nick Cheung possesses her to get toned
Tony Leung Ka Fai and Kenny Bee come to share the fruit of Nick Cheung's labor
Who do you prefer between Julian Cheung and Nick Cheung?
Chingmy Yau says that she is very tired and will not have another child
Anna Ueyama, Fan Keung, Alex To and his wife Ice
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Nick Cheung Ka Fai two nights ago invited friends in the business to his film UNBEATABLE (GIK JIN)'s advanced screening. Sandra Ng Kwan Yu had nothing but praise for Ka Fai's physique and stated that he has possessed her to train for a female version of UNBEATABLE. He also triggered retired star Chingmy Yau Suk Ching's acting bug, which made Ka Fai very pleased that his performance was able to release positive energy.

Cheung Ka Fai worked out like crazy to perform UNBEATABLE and became the talk of the town. Two nights ago the film held an advanced screening. Friends like Yau Suk Ching and her husband Shum Ka Wai, Alex To Tak Wai and his wife, Kenny Bee (Chung Chun To) and his girlfriend Fan Keung, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Ng Kwan Yu, Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Anna Ueyama and her daughter all showed their support. Kwan Yu felt that Ka Fai's finger dislocation for the performance was too selfless but praised his great physique. When asked to compare with popular series TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES 2's pilot Cool Demon Julian Cheung Chi Lam, Kwan Yu coldly said, "He is handsome, but is no comparison."

Speaking of Ka Fai, Kwan Yu got excited again. "He risks his life every time. When he made NIGHTFALL (DAI JUI BO) he was already very slim from training, people thought he was ill. Actually I knew that he was training for this film and witnessed his suffering. I like him this thin, I would rather look as thin as sick then look fat. I trained a year to get into shape but haven't been successful. I want to challenge myself and make a female version UNBEATABLE. She joked, "If someone asks me, I would be willing! Actors want to make good movies, have good box office, viewers and directors all like hard working people. My husband (Peter) Chan Ho Sun has been very encouraging. He too works very hard on the bicycle."

The retired Dau Dau heard Ka Fai and child star Crystal Lee with this film won the 16th Shanghai International Film Festival Best Actor and Best Actress. After the screening she even agreed that their acting was great. Has her acting bug been tempted? Dau Dau said, "Even if it has I would leave it inside, I won't act. Now I am too busy, my younger daughter is not three yet. (Will you have another child?) No, it's very exhausting." Speaking of her older daughter Shum Yuet's resemblance to her, Dau Dau said, "It's not set yet. She is 11 or 12, she will still change." She never thought about whether to let her older daughter to join the business, but her old daughter loved dancing.

Ka Fai finally completed the impossible mission and looked forward to sharing it with everyone very much. After the film release he will sneak into cinemas to check out the reaction. He believed that this film will be a threat and be popular with viewers, but box office prediction will be hard. Speaking of Kwan Yu wanting to make a female version of UNBEATABLE, he pointed out that Kwan Yu's trained figure surprised him. "I thought she just paid to think she had results, after I finished the film she was still training and challenging herself." He was very happy to hear that the film was inspirational, felt that he has contributed to the society and released positive energy.

Former police sergeant Lui Chi Keung committed suicide with his service weapon at the Shun Lee Disciplined Services Quarter. Reportedly he was Ka Fai's police academy classmate. Ka Fai said, "I have lost contact with police academy classmates and officers, but the police officer number was very familiar. I definitely knew him. It's very regrettable to hear this news."

Ka Fai said that in recent years he ran into some former colleagues who have been promoted when the police department interviewed him. They faced a lot of pressure as well. Everyone's tolerance and adaptability to control pressure were different. He asked everyone to learn to control pressure and emotions. In life responsibility could not be avoided.

Speaking of his directing debut MENG LAN SUN GUNG being accused of shooting the Elisa Lam case first, Ka Fai said that the case was very shocking but he had no intention to put it in the film. Only for his sister's scene in the film, the screen writer suggested adding a little gimmick. He thought it was viable and it was not a deliberate plan. He also clarified, "It is something that is very heart breaking, I don't want everyone to misunderstand that I would offend the victims. The film isn't saying that Elisa Lam's CCTV video means she was possessed, it is just putting a design into the film. It has no intent to offend anyone."

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